A collaborative platform for reproducible research.

Running 100 experiments in parallel on different versions of your code/data? Don't remember how you got that result from 6 months ago? CodaLab allows you to run your jobs on a cluster, document and share your experiments, all while keeping track of full provenance, so you can be a more efficient researcher.

To get started, read more about the mission, check out our two-minute overview video, sign up for an account, and go through the tutorial to try it out!


Upload code (in any programming language) and data (in any format) to CodaLab. If you're using the command-line interface (CLI), type, for example:
$ cl upload
This produces an immutable bundle:


Run any bash shell command, which can depend on previous bundles. In the CLI or the web terminal, type, for example:
$ cl run 'python --eta 0.2'
CodaLab records the execution environment using docker to ensure reproducibility, and produces a new bundle:
This bundle is added to the global dependency graph over all research assets (see right).


Create worksheets to manage your runs, document your experimental results, and publish executable papers. Use CodaLab markdown to create custom tables and graphs.